Thermal Oxidation TECNIUM RTO - Tecnium

Thermal Oxidation: TECNIUM-RTO

The process itself consists of oxidation by incineration of pollutant emissions in furnaces operating at temperatures above 700º C, in the case of regenerative thermal oxidation, or close to 400° C using catalyzers.


  • Ease of use, due to the total automation of the process
  • Cleanliness and comfort of treatment as it does not generate any waste
  • Operating economy

Types of oxidizers

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidation
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation
  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidation


  • Printing of paper/tissue
  • Graphic arts in general
  • Manufacturing of varnish/paint
  • Application of special coatings
  • Surface Treatment
  • Specific treatment of electronic compounds

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