Gas Treatment Technologies

tecnium bio - Tecnium

Biofiltration: TECNIUM-BIO

The use of environmental friendly technologies has been the motor of researching lines of last decades. This has allowed us to put up to date systems for gas cleaning and odor control through organic and inorganic biofilters


Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

The high efficiency of BIO-TR enables the reconversion of your chemical scrubber installation by removing the reagents consumption and so removing the chemical products storage in your facilities.

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Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

Under this technology Tecnium supply multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclons.

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Adsorption High Performance: TECNIUM-K

Adsorption High Performance: TECNIUM-K Gas treatment and odor control by means of high performance media. Includes adsorptions […]

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Adsorption Activated Carbon: TECNIUM-CARB

Adsorption Activated Carbon: TECNIUM-CARB Gas treatment and odor control using porous filtrating medias. Includes adsorption by means […]

lixiviate stripping - Tecnium


Subterranen waters, pond water, landfill lixiviates, manures, ultrafiltrated waters can contain disolved gases which have to be eliminated before further treatment. TECNIUM has the needed technology to do so.

Thermal Oxidation TECNIUM RTO R - Tecnium

Thermal Oxidation: TECNIUM-RTO

The process itself consists of oxidation by incineration of pollutant emissions in furnaces operating at temperatures above 700º C, in the case of regenerative thermal oxidation, or close to 400° C using catalyzers.

Gas treatment technologies are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. They have a variety of uses depending on the client’s particular needs. Here we’ll look at some of the different gas cleaning solutions TECNIUM has on offer, what they are used for and what their characteristics are.

Gas treatment technologies such as simple filtration, water scrubbing, or electrostatic precipitation (ESP) are used to remove unwanted contaminants and other substances. Filtration and wet scrubbing are widely employed techniques in the manufacturing industry.

TECNIUM provides a wide range of gas treatment technologies that can be used in a variety of settings. Each system has a particular function and characteristics, so it is essential you choose the correct machinery for your company’s needs.

It is important to select the appropriate technology depending on the particular problem you need to solve. It is also necessary to consider your budget and the exact reason for using the product before investing.

TECNIUM offers a wide range of gas cleaning solutions that can be used in the manufacturing industry.

It is important to carefully choose the technology that is best-suited to your particular needs and budget.

The use of environmentally friendly technologies has been the driving force of the industry for several years. As a result, we have witnessed the development of gas scrubbing and odor elimination systems, such as TECNIUM’s biofiltration unit,

TECNIUM-BIO. TECNIUM-BIO is a state of the art gas treatment technology which utilizes organic and inorganic biofilters.

TECNIUM’s  BIO-TR is highly efficient. It allows you to convert your chemical processes by effectively eliminating chemical reagent consumption. As a consequence the chemical storage in your facilities is kept clean, enabling successful APQ inspections.

Traditional technologies for odor elimination involve significant consumption of reagents and problems with other compounds present, as well as the production of effluents. At TECNIUM we have developed an innovative biological system that allows a highly efficient elimination of these compounds, with low cost installation and operation guaranteed.

TECNIUM-CHEM uses the absorption technique. TECNIUM supplies multiple systems for gas scrubbing and odor control by absorption with water or chemical reagents, using scrubbing towers, venturis and cyclones.

TECNIUM-K provides high range adsorption through a gas scrubbing and odor removal processes using high-end filter media. This includes adsorption using impregnated activated aluminas combined with various types of activated carbon and zeolites.

TECNIUM-DEGAS uses groundwater, well water, landfill leachate, slurry, and ultrafiltered water which may contain dissolved gases that need to be removed before further treatment or discharge. TECNIUM has all the necessary technology to tackle this problem effectively.

Stripping is a commonly used technique. It is a kind of water treatment that requires the removal of soluble compounds by using high vapor tension.

TECNIUM has developed numerous applications which are suitable for stripping, based on liquid-gas exchange, optimized with the use of the most modern contact elements. Compounds such as NH3, SO2, CO2 and numerous organic derivatives are sensitive to stripping.

The TECNIUM-RTO is used for thermal oxidation. The process of thermal oxidation involves incinerating pollutant emissions in furnaces.