Desalination Plants

Drinking water is a scarce resource and their obtention, use and subsequent cleaning and / or recycling has to be planned. One of the sources for drinking water is to desalinate seawater. The current state of technology allows to obtain quality water. Tecnium can supply various products adapted to the conditions of corrosivity of the said plants.



storage plastic frp tanks - Tecnium

Storage Plastic / FRP Tanks for Chemicals

Tecnium offers all type of plastic tanks to store the usual reagents used in this type of applications (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulfate, etc). Plastic tanks made out ot FRP, PE, PP, PVC, etc.

Plastic Pumps

vertical plastic pump

Vertical Sump Pumps

Wide range of plastic sump pumps cantilevered shaft with dry running possibility, specially indicated for liquids with particles.
Flows up to 500 m3/h and heads up to 100 mlc

process pump - Tecnium

Process Pumps

Standardized pumps as per EN 22858 / ISO-5199. Heavy duty process pumps for a continuos operation. Wide range of plastic materials and mechanical seals, selected chemically and mechanically to resist the handled fluid. Flows up to 1.500 m3/h and heads up to 120 mlc.

motobomba h.BHC ret R - Tecnium

Direct Coupled Pumps

Plastic Pumps: BH Serie   Direct coupled pumps. Hydraulic performance and dimensions as per EN 22858. Economic solution […]

Plastic / FRP Tanks

plastic frp tanks - Tecnium

Plastic / FRP Tanks

Plastic / FRP Tanks Corrosion resistant equipment Standard tanks Reactors and vessels Silos Decanters, thickeners Tank capacities […]

Other sectors available

TECNIUM: Advancing Sustainable Water Solutions Through Innovative Desalination Plant Technologies

In an era where drinking water is a precious commodity, its acquisition, usage, and subsequent purification or recycling must be meticulously planned. Desalination of seawater stands as one of the pivotal sources for obtaining drinking water. Leveraging contemporary technology allows the attainment of water of the utmost quality. TECNIUM is at the forefront of supplying a plethora of products tailored to meet the corrosive conditions inherent in desalination plants, specializing in desalination plant solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

TECNIUM is more than a product supplier; we are innovators in providing desalination plant solutions. We offer products that are specially adapted to the corrosive conditions of desalination plants, ensuring reliability, durability, and optimum performance in every application.

TECNIUM provides comprehensive solutions for desalination plants, emphasizing on the utilization of cutting-edge technology to yield water of superior quality. Our extensive array of solutions is designed to meet the varied needs and challenges inherent in seawater desalination processes.

TECNIUM is dedicated to delivering tailored desalination plant solutions, combining innovation, sustainability, and extensive experience. Our advanced solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of professionals and students in the sector, ensuring the integration of the highest standards in every desalination project. By emphasizing adaptability and innovative technology, we aim to address the diverse challenges encountered in the desalination processes, offering a pathway to sustainable water usage and management.

TECNIUM presents an extensive range of plastic tanks, ideal for storing the usual reagents used in desalination processes like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminum sulfate, etc. These plastic tanks, constructed from FRP, PE, PP, PVC, etc., offer robustness and corrosion resistance.

TECNIUM offers a broad spectrum of plastic sump pumps with a cantilevered shaft and dry running capability, specifically suitable for liquids with particles. These pumps ensure continuous operation and resistivity against the handled fluid, allowing flows up to 500 m3/h and heads up to 100 mlc.

Our heavy-duty process pumps, standardized as per EN 22858 / ISO-5199, are designed for continuous operation, available in a wide range of plastic materials and mechanical seals, chemically and mechanically selected to resist the handled fluid, supporting flows up to 1.500 m3/h and heads up to 120 mlc.