Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

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Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

Wide range of modular covers for thickeners,slurry tanks,screw pumps,biological ponds,decanters, pump pits and desanders.

TECNIUM is a specialist FRP cover manufacturer. Modular plastic covers are an essential component of FRP tank manufacture. Here we’ll look at what modular plastic covers in FRP are, what they are used for and what their characteristics are.

Modular plastic covers are being increasingly used in the manufacturing industry. The main reason for this is that they use plastic, which is a conventional material which is used to fabricate millions of everyday items. 

Modular plastic covers are called “modular” because they fold and fit together like a puzzle. The different parts of modular covers can be different shapes and sizes, but they are normally square because this makes them easier to install. Each piece of a modular plastic cover locks together by means of a T-lock, ensuring there are no gaps between the different pieces.

As each piece of the modular plastic cover locks together seamlessly, there are no special skills or construction skills needed to assemble them.

Modular plastic covers are regularly used in the manufacturing industry specifically due to their resistance to high and low temperatures, water tightness, and lack of specific care needed.

As a result of their high use resistance of this material, they are ideal for use in industries where the material is going to come under heavy use and stress. Another distinct advantage of using these modular plastic covers is that broken parts can be easily replaced without having to dismantle the entire structure.

TECNIUM provides a wide range of modular covers for thickeners, sludge tanks, Archimedes screws, biological ponds and basins, homogenization tanks, decanters, pumping wells and sand traps.

TECNIUM’s range of modular covers are available in sizes of up to 30 m in diameter without central support. We are specialist in manufacturing special designs that are adapted to the characteristics and needs of each specific situation. TECNIUM’s FRP plastic modular covers are designed for a maximum load of 95 kg/m2.

TECNIUM ‘s plastic modular covers offer significant advantages over other types of enclosures, due to their anti-corrosive characteristics. These plastic modular covers are corrosion resistant to the most common gasses in D.A.R.E., such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble. As they are so easy to maintain, they are ideal for use in purification plants or in installations with very aggressive environments. We are manufacturing system is by lamination and projection, together with a detailed study of reticular ribs, which allows for very robust constructions that are resistant to heavy loads.

TECNIUM’s modular plastic covers for FRP tanks are pigmented in the lamination phase and a final coating provides an integrated and robust environmental aesthetic.

  • Modular Roof With Intermediate Bridge

TECNIUM’s “modular roof with intermediate bridge” cover is built with modules for the thickener, and it is supported on the side by an intermediate bridge system. The cover is made via a system of gas collection and is subsequently deodorized by chemicals.

  • Dome Type Roof

TECNIUM’s “dome type roof” cover is constructed by modules that have been assembled together, and then stiffened. This helps to form a fully self-supporting module.

  • Flat Tarpaulin 

TECNIUM’s “flat tarpaulin” covers are made of high resistance canvas for desanding, pumping wells, coarse, and sludge.

As can be seen from the information provided, TECNIUM is a specialist in producing modular plastic covers for use in FRP tanks.