Direct coupled pumps

Plastic Pumps: BH Serie


Direct coupled pumps. Hydraulic performance and dimensions as per EN 22858. Economic solution althoutgh reliable due to heavy duty construction, equal to standardized process pumps.

Flows up to 250 m3/h and heads up to 100 mlc.

Plastic motor pumps

  • Flow up to 250 m3/h (1.100 gpm).
  • Heads up to 100 mcl (330 ft).
  • Built in solid plastic.
  • In accordance with European directives of Safety on machines CE.
  • Horizontal type with mechanical seal.
  • Vertical type with hydrodynamic seal without mechanical seal.
  • ATEX versions available.

Vertical version without mechanical seal

  • Outdoor tank pump.
  • Hydrodinamic sealing.
  • Possibility of dry running.

Mechanical seal

Designed to admit any mechanical seal available in the market.

  • IP: internal mechanical seal
  • IF: internal mechanical seal
  • SF: simple external mechanical seal
  • DE: double external mechanical seal 

Direct Coupled Pumps Brochure – English – 412 KB
Plastic Pumps Catalogue – English – 1.17 MB
Plastic Pumps: Motor Pumps Catalogue – English – 1.52 MB

Technical Advantages

  • Transmission of the mechanical torque to the impeller by key and a big surface steel core.
  • Mechanical seal seating without strain upon plastic body.
  • Removable shaft sleeve, independent from impeller.
  • Mechanical seal cover absolutely prevents corrosives dispersion

Materials: Plastic

  • PVDF
  • PP 
  • PE 
  • E-CTFE

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