State-of-the-art solutions and technology for gas treatment

The paper industry faces significant challenges in managing emissions and residual gases, in terms of both environmental compliance and operational efficiency.

The paper production processes generate various compounds that can be harmful to the environment and human health, making effective gas treatment essential.

In this context, Tecnium presents advanced solutions specifically designed for this industry, utilizing innovative technologies that comply with the strictest environmental regulations and optimize the performance and sustainability of operations.

With a combination of technical expertise and a deep focus on innovation, we address current and future challenges in gas treatment within this key sector, making all our knowledge and solutions available to our clients.

This initial approach establishes the relevance of gas treatment in the paper industry and anticipates the presentation of the specific solutions that Tecnium offers to address these challenges.

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Ventilators for specific applications (CIO2)

In the paper industry, the management of gases such as chlorine dioxide is essential for processes like paper bleaching.

The ventilators developed by Tecnium are designed to optimize these processes, ensuring high efficiency and reliability in handling corrosive gases.

The relevance of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the paper industry cannot be underestimated, especially given its critical role in paper bleaching, an essential step in producing high-quality paper with suitable optical and strength properties.

These ventilators play a fundamental role in this process, ensuring the safe and effective handling of this potentially dangerous and corrosive gas.

Gas Treatment Technologies

Biotrickling Tecnium Bio-TR

The Biotrickling Tecnium Bio-TR is presented as an advanced solution in the biological treatment of gases, specially designed to effectively address emissions of odorous compounds and volatile contaminants through the use of microorganisms.

This technology stands out not only for its high efficiency in eliminating these compounds but also for its sustainable approach, characterized by low chemical consumption and minimal environmental impact.

Its application is particularly relevant in the paper industry, a sector where the generation of emissions with significant odor loads is a constant.

Among the main characteristics and advantages of this technology, its ability to operate in reduced spaces stands out, providing high performance without the consumption of chemical reactants. This implies cleaner and less expensive operation and avoids the generation and treatment of secondary effluents, a considerable benefit for plants looking to optimize their environmental and operational management. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the long durability of the filling used during the process ensures energy savings and minimal operating expenses.


It should also be mentioned that we are facing a fully automatable technology, which facilitates its integration into complex industrial processes, allowing optimal adaptability to variations in the concentration of gases to be treated. This ability to efficiently adjust to different workloads ensures that gas treatment is not only effective but also flexible, adapting to the specific needs of each paper plant.

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Absorption Tecnium CHEM

The absorption technology Tecnium CHEM represents an advanced and efficient strategy for the treatment of contaminating gases. Leveraging specifically formulated chemical solutions, this methodology allows neutralising a wide range of hazardous emissions, including acid compounds commonly emitted during industrial processes.

The ability to treat high concentrations of these compounds makes absorption Tecnium CHEM an invaluable option for facilities looking to comply with stringent environmental regulations and protect public health.

Beyond its efficacy in neutralising contaminating gases, the absorption CHEM technology is distinguished by its flexibility and adaptability to different industrial environments.

It can be implemented as part of existing gas treatment systems or designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of a new installation. This versatility ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into any production process, providing a tailored solution that improves safety and operational sustainability.

Why opt for our gas treatment solutions?

These solutions stand out for their adaptability and efficiency, offering the paper industry advanced methods for gas treatment, aligned with sustainability goals and regulatory compliance.

The integration of gas treatment technologies, such as Biotrickling and Absorption, is key to effectively addressing contaminating emissions.

These advanced solutions from Tecnium allow paper factories to improve air quality and comply with increasingly rigorous environmental regulations. Their implementation demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection and optimizes the efficiency of production processes, reducing operational expenses and enhancing market competitiveness.

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In conclusion, Tecnium’s proposal for gas treatment in the paper industry encapsulates a comprehensive vision that combines advanced technology, innovation, and sustainability.

Through customised solutions that address the unique challenges of this industry, Tecnium stands as an essential strategic partner for paper companies seeking not only to meet their environmental obligations but also to optimise their operations and ensure a sustainable future.

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