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Recirculation Plastic Pumps

The purpose of the different existing treatments in the industry is to improve the protective properties of metal surfaces , providing new functional features to facilitate subsequent treatment or provide a decorative finish .

To this purpose parts are treated in baths/tanks of different nature, which usually contain highly corrosive liquids.

TECNIUM manufactures very sturdy centrifugal plastic pumps with all parts in contact with fluid made out of plastics fully compatible with these fluids.

The range of flow rates available ranging from small pumps for punctual transfers (1 m3/h) to high flow process pumps (1.200 m3/h) .

Depending on the type of treatment applied to metals (pickling, galvanizing, anodizing, chrome, …) , different types of fluids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid , caustic soda , chromic acid, etc are used.

A typical application in this sector is the liquid recirculation within treatment baths. The purpose is to maintain a constant temperature in the baths and, in some cases , to eliminate solid particles generated in the pickling process .

Once the flow rates , pressures and temperatures are defined, our Technical Department selects the most suitable material for the application. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of plastic pumps in PP , PVDF, HDPE (RCH1000) , PVC and Halar .

Horizontal plastic pumps:

We manufacture complete pumps horizontal arrangement , according to EN- 22858 / ISO 2858, with single or double mechanical seals, complete with baseplate, elastic coupling and motor. Our manufacturing system allows us to configure the pumps to customer demand, that is, we can assemble mechanical seals, couplings and motors according to costumers and/or engineerings requirements. 

Vertical Plastic Pumps with no mechanical seal:

TECNIUM has developed a type of external mounted pump, whose main advantage is the absence of mechanical seal. This distinguishing feature allows a pump of high reliability with low maintenance and no stops due to dry-running operation and/or management of solids which damage the mechanical seals .

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