Adaptability and efficiency for various sectors within the industry

The diversity of industrial operations requires tools and equipment tailored to the specific conditions of each process. At the core of many such operations, we find pumps — essential tools that transport fluids from one place to another. 

Tecnium, renowned for its excellence in engineering solutions, introduces its range of plastic pumps designed to meet the unique challenges of different industrial sectors.

Submersible vertical pumps

Tecnium’s submersible vertical pumps are an advanced solution for the efficient handling of liquids with particles. These pumps, part of a comprehensive range of plastic sump pumps, stand out for their cantilever shaft design, allowing dry running if necessary and making them ideal for environments with laden liquids. 

These pumps can handle flow rates of up to 500 m³/h and head heights up to 100 mlc (about 330 feet), ensuring optimum performance under various conditions. Made of solid plastic, these pumps are known for their sturdiness and longevity.

They are available in various materials like PVDF, PP, PE, and E-CTFE, ensuring adaptability according to project requirements. A notable feature is their hydrodynamic sealing, eliminating the need for a mechanical seal; however, if circumstances demand, sealing systems can be implemented. Available sealing options for vapours include baffles, lip seals, and traditional mechanical seals.

vertical sump pump - Tecnium
Caustic Pump BTSKK Kyzylkum Uranium Mine 3 1 - Tecnium

Key technical advantages include:

  • Cantilevered shaft without a lantern bearing and reinforced column for greater stability.

  • Designed to operate dry, enhancing versatility across applications.

  • Mechanical torque transmission to the impeller through a key and a wide steel core ensures efficient and reliable operation.

  • The shaft sleeve can be independent and detachable from the impeller, simplifying maintenance tasks.

Moreover, these pumps comply with European CE machinery safety directives, with an ATEX version available for environments with special requirements.

In essence, Tecnium’s submersible vertical pumps offer a sophisticated and reliable technical solution, ensuring the best handling of laden liquids in various industrial settings.

External vertical pumps

Among Tecnium’s broad array of solutions, the external vertical pumps stand out as one of the most innovative and efficient options. Specifically designed for peak performance, these pumps are notable for their construction without mechanical seals, offering the ability to operate dry – a feature that makes them especially versatile for various applications.

Features such as the capability to convey laden liquids, and specifications reaching a flow rate of 1,200 m³/h with head heights up to 150 mcl, make these pumps an indispensable tool for various industries.

On a technical level, these vertical pumps truly excel. In addition to their hydrodynamic seal, they provide fluid tightness, establishing themselves as external tank pumps.

Although designed to operate without the need for mechanical seals, the brand ensures that, if required, sealing systems can be added, offering options like baffles, seals, or packings.

Another highlight is the mechanical torque transmission to the impeller. Thanks to a key and a large steel core, these pumps guarantee reliable and efficient operation every work cycle.

They are also constructed using high-quality plastic materials like PVDF, PP, PE, and E-CTFE, providing durability and adaptability to various environments and needs.

In summary, Tecnium’s external vertical pumps combine advanced design, top-quality materials, and engineering geared towards delivering effective solutions in the handling and transfer of laden liquids.

vertical external pump

Process pumps

Tecnium’s process pumps, belonging to the BN Series, are not merely transfer devices. They are meticulously designed according to the stringent EN 22858, ISO 2858, and ISO-5199 standards, showcasing their robustness and reliability. Ensuring continuous operation, they emerge as an essential tool in industrial settings where efficiency and resilience are paramount.

Thanks to their vast range of plastic materials like PP, UHMW-PE, PVDF, E-CTFE, PVC, and PTFE, they become perfect allies when confronting highly corrosive and abrasive liquids. With capabilities reaching flow rates up to 1,500 m³/h and head heights up to 150 mcl (around 500 ft), they exhibit versatility that places them at the forefront of industrial solutions.

industrial plastic pumps

However, where these pumps truly shine is in their innovative mechanical seal system. They are designed to accommodate virtually any mechanical seal available in the market.

From the simple internal SiC/SiC or PTFE/Ceramic mechanical seal to the most advanced double mechanical seal, impeccable sealing is ensured, promising optimum performance while reducing leakage risks.

Maintenance, another highlight, has been maximized for simplicity. Tecnium pumps are user-friendly, allowing separation of essential components like the pump body, impeller, shaft, and mechanical seal without the need to dismantle the pipelines or the motor. This ease translates to time and operational cost savings.

Additional technical benefits include the mechanical torque transmission to the impeller through a key and a large steel core, ensuring efficient and stable transfer. Moreover, DIN 2501 flanges, with an ANSI 150Lbs option, provide installation versatility.

In summary, Tecnium’s process pumps perform to the highest standards and promise a reduction in operational downtime thanks to their intuitive and simplified maintenance approach. An epitome of efficiency and longevity, these pumps stand as a testament to Tecnium’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the engineering world.

Direct coupled pumps

In the realm of pump technology, the BH Series stands out with its Direct Coupled pumps. These pumps seamlessly blend hydraulic performance and dimensions as dictated by the esteemed EN 22858 standard.

While they present an economic alternative, their reliability remains uncompromised, owing to a heavy-duty construction that’s on par with the more commonly known standardized process pumps.

Venturing deeper into the capabilities of the BH Series, one discovers that these pumps can impressively manage flows up to a voluminous 250 m3/h, while achieving head heights of up to a notable 100 mlc.

Their robustness is further accentuated by their solid plastic build, ensuring durability across diverse applications.

Adherence to the European directives of Safety on machines CE certifies their compliance and commitment to safety standards. Further diversifying its array of applications, the BH Series comes in both horizontal types, equipped with mechanical seals, and vertical versions that boast a hydrodynamic seal, eliminating the need for a mechanical counterpart.

For environments that demand stringent safety protocols, the BH Series doesn’t falter. It offers ATEX versions, ensuring safe operations even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

One of the series’ standout features is the vertical pump designed for outdoor tanks. This innovation is underscored by its hydrodynamic sealing mechanism, which also allows for the possibility of dry running.

Direct coupled pumps

The realm of sealing technology within the BH Series is not confined to one type. These pumps are meticulously designed to accommodate any mechanical seal available in the market, be it an internal or an external type, simple or double. This adaptability reflects the series’ commitment to versatility and optimization based on specific operational needs.

In summary, the BH Series is not just a testament to efficiency and reliability in the world of Direct Coupled pumps. It epitomizes innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring an optimized performance across varied industrial applications.

Magnetic drive pumps

The BKM Series presents cutting-edge plastic magnetic pumps, recognized for their unique ability to work efficiently in dry conditions. Designed with precision and adaptability, these pumps offer flow rates of up to 50 m³/h and have the capacity to reach heights of up to 45 mcl, making them robust and reliable solutions for various applications.

Two primary models, the BKMKC and the BKMYS, highlight the versatility of this series. The BKMKC is manufactured with PP reinforced with fibreglass and a ceramic shaft, while the BKMYS features a pump made of E-CTFE strengthened with carbon fibre and a silicon carbide shaft.

Despite their differences, both models benefit from a high-density carbon guide bushing, ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance.

Magnetic Drive pumps

The standout feature of these pumps is their innovative magnetic system.

Meticulously designed, this system places the impeller in a neutral spot when operating dry, thus preventing any potentially harmful friction. 

This feature allows the pumps to operate uninterrupted for extended periods without the risk of overheating.

These magnetic pumps guarantee total tightness, effectively preventing any leaks or air ingress. This feature, combined with the absence of mechanical seals, ensures safer and uninterrupted operation.

Additionally, with the option of flange-type connections and availability in an ATEX version, these pumps offer unparalleled adaptability to meet the demands of various industries and applications.

In summary, the BKM Series not only symbolizes robustness and efficiency but also innovation and versatility in the field of magnetic pumps, ensuring exceptional performance under all circumstances.

The diversity of pumps offered by Tecnium guarantees tailor-made solutions for each industry, ensuring efficiency, durability, and unparalleled performance. If you are looking for high-quality pumping solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tecnium and fill out the form for more information or specific inquiries. Tecnium’s experience and innovation are at your disposal to face the most complex challenges of your industry.