Firstly, what is an FRP Plastic Tank?

FRP stands for “Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic.” An FRP Plastic Tank is a composite vessel that combines the strength and flexibility of fibreglass with the chemical resistance of certain plastics. Essentially, this tank is made by layering fibreglass with resins to form a strong, durable, and chemically resistant container.

Key features and benefits of FRP Plastic Tanks include:

  • Durability: The composite nature of FRP gives it a unique combination of strength and flexibility, ensuring that the tanks can withstand both external and internal pressures and stresses.

  • Chemical Resistance: The use of specific resins allows the tanks to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for various industrial applications, especially in corrosive environments.

  • Lightweight: Despite their strength, FRP tanks are relatively lightweight compared to tanks made of traditional materials like steel or concrete.

  • Low Maintenance: The corrosion resistance of FRP means that these tanks require less maintenance and have a longer service life compared to other tank materials.

  • Versatility: FRP tanks can be custom-made in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet specific storage requirements.

  • Temperature Resistance: Many FRP tanks are designed to withstand temperature variations, making them suitable for various environments.

  • Cost-Effective: While the initial cost might be higher than some traditional materials, the longevity and reduced maintenance needs can make FRP tanks more cost-effective eventually.

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These tanks are widely used in numerous industries, including chemical, petroleum, wastewater treatment, and even food and beverage, due to their ability to securely store various types of liquids and chemicals.

Manufacturing process of our FRP plastic tanks

At Tecnium, the manufacture of plastic and FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) tanks is a synergy of cutting-edge technology and precision. Producing these tanks is essential for various industries that require anticorrosive and durable solutions for storing and processing chemicals and liquids. Here, we guide you through our meticulous manufacturing process.

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Design and Planning

Before starting physical production, careful design is paramount. Depending on client needs, we can manufacture standard tanks or customise them according to a specific design.

Whether you require reactors, silos, tanks, decanters, or thickeners, our planning ensures every product meets international design standards and other relevant regulations like APQ-06, IPPC, and even the ATEX Directive.

Material Selection

Choosing the right materials is crucial to ensuring the tank’s longevity and resilience. We work with a variety of thermoplastics such as polypropylene, PVDF, PE, PVC, FEP, PFA, and E-CTFE.

We also incorporate FRP, using bisphenolic and vinylester polyester resins, renowned for their high chemical resistance.

For additional reinforcements, we use orthophthalic polyester resins, crosslinked with styrene. Moreover, we offer special fretted laminate manufacturing, like PP/GRP, PVC/GRP, and others.


Modelling stands as a pivotal phase in our manufacturing process. Depending on the given specifications and the tank’s intended application, the design could be vertical, horizontal, or rectangular.

Each design choice is not arbitrary; the different shapes are meticulously chosen for their unique advantages. For instance, vertical tanks often optimize vertical space and are ideal for facilities with limited floor space.

Horizontal tanks can be suitable for longer storage and ease of access, while rectangular designs provide flexibility in accommodating diverse spatial configurations. The objective is always to ensure that each tank efficiently fulfils its storage role while seamlessly integrating into its designated environment.


The manufacturing phase is where our blueprint comes to life. After careful selection of materials and finalisation of the design, we embark on the production journey.

In this crucial stage, the tanks undergo a transformation, moulded and shaped using state-of-the-art techniques. Our approach ensures that every curve, angle, and surface of the tank meets our exacting standards.

We emphasise creating a product that’s not only uniform in its build but also embodies resilience to withstand varying conditions. Ultimately, our commitment is to deliver a durable tank that stands the test of time, meeting both the functional and aesthetic needs of our clients.

Quality Control

Quality is paramount at our facility, and each tank we produce is a testament to this commitment. Before any tank is deemed ready for dispatch, it is subjected to a series of stringent quality tests. We simulate various conditions to guarantee its performance under diverse scenarios.

From managing capacities as vast as 200,000 litres to as modest as 500, our tanks prove their mettle. They’re evaluated for their ability to withstand pressures up to 6 bar and endure vacuums reaching 750 torrs.

Only when a tank meets our rigorous standards, ticking all the boxes of resilience and reliability, is it ready to serve its purpose in the real world.

Choosing TECNIUM means selecting experience, commitment, and professionalism. We ensure that every project not only meets the client’s expectations but also adheres to the strictest regulations, guaranteeing safe and efficient operations eventually. With TECNIUM, you are in expert hands.

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