Which is the best material for corrosion resistance

TECNIUM is well-known as a specialist in corrosion resistant materials. In this article we’ll look at who TECNIUM are, what materials and products they have that are resistant to corrosion, and the various applications that these materials have in the industry, particularly related to corrosion resistant materials for seawater RO plants and corrosion resistant materials for UAM. Choosing the best material for corrosion resistance is highly important in industrial settings

best material for corrosion resistance

TECNIUM products for corrosion resistance

TECNIUM provides a broad range of products which are designed specifically for optimum corrosion resistance. These products include thermoplastic and dual laminated FRP tanks, plastic pumps, plastic fans, and modular plastic covers.

TECNIUM provides corrosion resistant FRP tanks which can be used in various commercial and industrial applications, including chemical, water & wastewater, food and beverage, mining and metals, power, energy, and high-purity applications.

TECNIUM’s FRP tanks include three types of FRP scrubbers which are used to wash fluids: dry media scrubbers, wet media scrubbers, and biological scrubbers. 

  • Dry media scrubbers are typically used for dry, solid media and generally use absorption and adsorption techniques in their processes.

  • Meanwhile wet media scrubbers soak polluted fluids in a scrubbing solution.

  • Biological scrubbers are very similar in function to wet media scrubbers, but are larger in size, resulting in the air moving more slowly through the vessel.

TECNIUM’s plastic pumps

TECNIUM also provides plastic pumps designed to be used with materials that can withstand different levels of viscosity, corrosiveness and abrasiveness. They are versatile and can be used with many industrial applications. A wide range of fluids can be handled effectively without any issues by using TECNIUM’s plastic pumps. TECNIUM’s plastic pumps can be used with many different corrosive liquids and acids, including hydrochloric acids. 

TECNIUM’s plastic pumps include vertical sump pumps, vertical external pumps, process pumps, and direct coupled pumps. Vertical sump pumps have cantilevered shafts while vertical external pumps are glandless and have dry running support.

Both these pumps are normally used for liquids that contain particles. Process pumps are heavy duty designed for continuous use, while direct coupled pumps are cost-effective and reliable.

best material for corrosion resistance
best material for corrosion resistance

Our plastic fans

In addition, TECNIUM provides high quality plastic fans for maintaining your plant or building in optimum conditions. TECNIUM’s plastic fan solutions provide the best ways and measures to control air pollution effectively.

TECNIUM provides a number of standard model plastic fans such as the HS model, the MS model, the MP model, and the MM model. The HS model comes with a support foot while the MS model comes with a frame plate. Both models have directly coupled motors.

The MP model comes with a frame plate that matches the motor while the MM model comes with a frame that is separate from the motor base-plate. Both of these models are driven by belts and pulleys.

TECNIUM’s modular plastic covers

Finally, TECNIUM provides modular plastic covers for FRP tanks that are pigmented in the lamination phase. A final coating provides an integrated and robust environmental aesthetic, ensuring optimum corrosion resistance.

TECNIUM have different versions of modular plastic covers such as the modular roof with intermediate bridge, the dome type roof, and the flat tarpaulin cover. The modular roof with intermediate bridge is built with modules and the cover is made by a process of gas collection.

The dome type roof cover is constructed via a series of stiffened modules, and the flat tarpaulin cover is made of highly resistant canvas for desanding, pumping wells, coarse, and sludge.

best material for corrosion resistance

TECNIUM’s corrosion resistant materials

TECNIUM is a pioneering corrosion resistant materials specialist. Here we’ll look at some of their best corrosion resistant materials and their application in the industry.

TECNIUM provides a range of solutions for odor removal through organic or inorganic biological systems, chemical scrubbers, activated carbon or high performance adsorbent media.

best material for corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistant materials for Seawater RO plants

TECNIUM provides several applications that can be used for water treatment. Odor control units, gas treatment products, modular covers, and products for storage and pumping of corrosive fluids are essential in water potabilization plants and urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants.

One particular example of this is the corrosion resistant materials TECNIUM designed for use in Seawater RO plants. TECNIUM uses the highest quality materials that are non-corrosive in seawater to make their products.

Corrosion resistant materials for UAM

TECNIUM also produces high quality corrosion resistant materials for UAM. They are enhanced for optimal strength and possess corrosive-resistant qualities which make them ideal for use in many different industry applications.

TECNIUM provides the best solutions for all your corrosion resistance needs. Whether you are looking for high quality corrosion resistance for UAM, or you need corrosion resistant materials for Seawater RO plants, TECNIUM has you covered. TECNIUM has an extensive history of producing the highest quality corrosion resistant materials on the market, so when it comes to the best materials for corrosion resistance, you know where to go.

best material for corrosion resistance