Storage Tank Farms

TECNIUM can offer wide experience in storage liquids of corrosive or toxic nature. To that purpose manufactures and supplies a wide range of tanks, reactors and other vessels built in materials suitable for a very good chemical and mechanical resistance.

All tanks are constructed under strict international standards such as:

  • EN-13121
  • BS-4994
  • NFT-57900

and codes of construction as per:

  • EN-13121
  • UIC nº 7
  • UIC DT 15
  • DVS

Mechanical and sismic calculations can be provided.

Following such standards and codes, our wall constructions are made with two types of barriers, one chemical with the mission to resist the chemical activity of liquids contained and other mechanical with the mission to provide the mechanical resistance of the tank.

Our welders and laminators are duly homologated and certified by an external notification body.

TECNIUM can supply different types of tanks, both vertical and horizontal and with individual capacities up to 200 m3, using different standard diameters up to 4.200 mm.

TECNIUM can also complements the supply with related equipment such as centrifugal pumps for loading tanks, all types of valves, pipes in plastic, structures, grates and access ladders in polyester and instrumentation, in order to complete installation.

TECNIUM can also supply the project to comply with existing Directives of Chemical Products Storage or facilitate the manufacturing certificates needed to proceed further to the legalization of the equipment.

TECNIUM has a very extensive list of references of such type of storage parks due to its already long career as a manufacturer.

Materials of Construction

  • Polyester Resins Reinforced with Fiberglass (FRP)
  • PVC
  • PVDF
  • PE
  • E-CTFE

More information

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