What can we offer as specialists in this industry?

The steel industry is one of the most important and versatile in the world, being key in the production of a wide variety of products we use daily. However, the processes involved in its production and treatment are highly specialized and require advanced technological solutions. Within these processes, the handling of acids and other chemicals is crucial, hence the importance of having appropriate pumping and storage systems.

The importance of proper handling in the steel industry

Steel, being an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon, is produced from the smelting of iron ore. During this process, gases and vapours are generated which, if not treated properly, can be harmful to the environment and the health of the workers. Additionally, the use of acids at various stages of the process demands equipment that can handle these corrosive chemicals without deteriorating.

In this context, Tecnium presents itself as the perfect ally, offering solutions tailored to the demands of the steel industry. Let’s look at some of them in detail. 

Gas Washing in Metallurgical Processes

In the metallurgical industry, various treatments aim to improve and enhance the properties of metal surfaces. These treatments not only enhance protection but also provide functional features ideal for subsequent procedures or achieve an aesthetic finish.

This process involves immersing metal pieces in baths or tanks with different chemical compounds. However, some of these baths release vapours that can be harmful both to human health and the environment

In response to this challenge, TECNIUM designs, manufactures, and implements specialized washing systems intended to capture and treat these harmful gases. The result not only guarantees the safety and well-being of the workers, but also purifies the gases before releasing them into the environment, ensuring compliance with current environmental regulations.

Steel Industry and Surface Treatment

TECNIUM’s Gas Treatment Systems

The type of treatment applied to metals (such as pickling, galvanizing, anodizing, chroming, among others) determines the liquids used in the process, which can range from hydrochloric and sulphuric acid to caustic soda and chromic acid.

Gas Treatment Systems

Given the corrosive nature of these liquids, it is essential to choose specially designed plastic materials for their handling.

TECNIUM’s gas washing systems include: gas capture systems, single suction centrifugal fans and wet scrubbers or washing towers.

Depending on the size of the tanks, lateral aspirations can be made in them, or aspirations from the overhead crane handling the pieces. This bridge, being “enclosed”, maintains a slight depression to optimize gas capture. The crane’s aspiration collector integrates with the tank’s collector through a special design that accompanies the bridge’s movement.

To manage the gas flow, a corrosion-resistant fan is used, designed to overcome the losses generated in capture and the wet scrubber, where the corrosive gases are effectively purified.

The washing towers, which can be vertical or horizontal, facilitate the transfer of the gas contaminant to the washing liquid or the chemical reaction between the two. These systems are complemented by a pump that recirculates the washing liquid, pushing it to sprayers at the top of the tower.

Recirculation pumps in the metallurgical industry

In the metallurgical industry, the aim is to improve and enrich metal surfaces through various treatments. These not only reinforce protection but also add functional features and offer aesthetic finishes. To achieve these goals, metal pieces are immersed in baths or tanks that, for the most part, contain corrosive liquids.

TECNIUM excels in manufacturing centrifugal plastic pumps, designed with robustness and with all areas in contact with the fluid made of fully compatible plastic materials. Our range spans from small pumps for specific transfers (1 m³/h) to those intended for large flows in industrial processes (1,200 m³/h).

Depending on the treatment applied to the metals, different liquids are used, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, among others. One essential application in this sector is the recirculation of these liquids in treatment tanks to maintain a stable temperature and, sometimes, remove solid particles generated during processes like pickling.

After determining the flows, pressures, and working temperatures, our technical team selects the most suitable material for the task. We have extensive experience in manufacturing plastic pumps using materials such as PP, PVDF, PEHD (RCH1000), Halar, and PVC.

We produce complete horizontal pumps, following the EN-22858 / ISO 2858 standards, equipped with single or double mechanical seals, along with bases, elastic couplings, and motors.

Our manufacturing methodology offers the flexibility to adapt the equipment according to the client’s needs, allowing the incorporation of different mechanical seals, couplings, and motors, as required by the projects.

TECNIUM has innovated with a pump mounted externally to the tank, whose main feature is the omission of mechanical seals. This distinctive feature ensures a highly reliable pump, with minimal maintenance and no interruptions due to dry operations or handling of solids that could damage the seals.

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Our conclusions 

The steel industry, with its complexities and demands, requires partners who understand its challenges and offer tailored solutions. Tecnium, with its deep experience and commitment to excellence, positions itself as the leader in offering equipment and systems adapted to these demands. Whether you need solutions for gas treatment, pumping systems, or storage solutions, Tecnium has a solution tailored to your needs.

For more information on how we can help optimize your operations and ensure a safe and efficient working environment, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Tecnium, we are here to serve you.