gas treatment technologies

Discover our gas treatment technologies and solutions for scrubbing air

TECNIUM are specialists in the field of gas treatment technology and have several products that can be used for this purpose. In this article we’ll look at the different products TECNIUM provides this industry and exactly what is involved in gas scrubbing technology.

What is TECNIUM?

TECNIUM was founded in Barcelona in 1957. TECNIUM prides itself on being a leader in solving industry related problems related to corrosion and atmospheric pollution. It provides advanced design and high-performance solutions to the industrial world.

TECNIUM hires top-level engineers and technicians and works together with several universities. It has great facilities where its specialized products are manufactured to the highest quality and ISO requirements.

What is gas scrubbing or gas treatment technology?

Gas scrubbing or gas treatment technology such as simple filtration, water scrubbing, or electrostatic precipitation are used to remove unwanted contaminants and other substances. Filtration and wet scrubbing are widely employed techniques in the manufacturing industry.

TECNIUM Gas Washing Products

TECNIUM has a wide range of gas washing products available. All TECNIUM’s gas washing products are high quality and specially adapted to the client’s needs.

TECNIUM’s gas treatment solutions use the best equipment available, such as horizontal and vertical wet absorption scrubbers, wet absorption venturi or multi venturi, activated carbon adsorption, biofiltration, thermal oxidation, dry way absorption, stripping, and dry or wet dedusting (for example, cyclones, venturi, etc).

gas treatment technologies
gas treatment technologies

Biofiltration (TECNIUM-BIO)

TECNIUM’s Biofiltration unit uses environmentally friendly technology which allows us to develop state of the art gas cleaning systems which tackle odor control by using organic and inorganic biofilters.

This is a clean way of removing odors and VOC’s. The system helps to regulate temperature and adequate moisture, and effectively eliminates dust, pollutants, and bactericides.

Biotrickling (TECNIUM BIO-TR)

The high efficiency of TECNIUM’s BIO-TR enables chemical scrubbing that effectively removes odors. This process involves high consumption and can generate effluents.

TECNIUM developed a new biologic system that enables high efficiency in removing harmful compounds with minimal installation and low costs guaranteed.

Absorption (TECNIUM-CHEM)

TECNIUM’s Absorption unit supplies multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclones.

In most cases pollutants contained in gasses to be treated are susceptible to be oxidized or absorbed in an alkaline or acidic medium.As a result nitrogen derivatives (NH3, R-NH, etc) are susceptible to be absorbed in acidic medium while sulfur derivatives (H2S, R-SH, R-S-S-R, etc) are likely to be absorbed in an alkaline medium or be susceptible to oxidation. The organic carbon derivatives (R-COH, R-CO-R and VOC in general) in some cases can be decomposed into CO2 and H2O when subjected to energetic oxidation.

TECNIUM is a guarantee of quality

TECNIUM has more than 1,500 facilities around the world. TECNIUM has successfully developed expertise in the use of gas scrubbing, fertilizers and the chemical industry in general. TECNIUM began operating in the 1970s and produces the best gas washing products on the market for your company’s needs.

gas treatment technologies