Tecnium equipment stands at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the provision of exceptionally robust and efficient FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polyester) modular covers, meticulously engineered to accommodate the intricate and demanding needs of wastewater treatment plants. Our creations signify a revolutionary advancement in the realm of enclosures, delivering paramount benefits over conventional alternatives.

Our modular covers are distinguished by their unparalleled anticorrosive properties, exhibiting resilience against prevalent gases such as hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans typically encountered in Wastewater Treatment Plants (E.D.A.R.). These superior characteristics render our constructions indispensable in environments laden with corrosive elements, providing enduring protection and optimal functionality.

By employing advanced technology and innovative design principles, TECNIUM equipment ensures each modular cover is a testament to quality and durability, aligned with the evolving requirements of modern wastewater treatment applications. This relentless pursuit of excellence positions us as the preferred choice for solutions that blend reliability with enhanced operational efficacy.

Advanced Applications in E.D.A.R

Our covers find extensive applications in E.D.A.R, ideally fitting thickeners, sludge tanks, Archimedean screw, and inlet channels. These components are integral in wastewater treatment plants, requiring utmost protection and durability, which our covers proficiently provide.

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Distinct Features & Benefits

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Anticorrosive Properties

TECNIUM’s modular covers are renowned for their advanced anticorrosive features. These covers exhibit remarkable resilience against the harshest gases found in wastewater treatment settings, such as sulphidric and mercaptans, thus ensuring lasting durability and optimal performance.

These anticorrosive properties render them ideal for purification plants and other installations in aggressive and corrosive environments, mitigating the risk of degradation and maintaining their integrity over time.

Easy Dismantling and Minimal Maintenance

Our covers are designed with user convenience in mind, allowing for quick and hassle-free dismantling. This feature, coupled with their almost negligible maintenance needs, makes them an attractive choice for wastewater treatment plants.

These advantages prove especially beneficial in harsh environments where the ease of maintenance and operational convenience are paramount, reducing downtime and operational hassles.

Robust and Durable Construction

The meticulous construction of our covers through advanced lamination and projection methods, reinforced with a detailed study of reticular stiffening ribs, culminates in extremely robust and sturdy structures.

These structures are capable of enduring high overloads, ensuring a long operational life and reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. The enhanced durability ensures that the covers can withstand the rigorous demands of wastewater treatment operations without compromising on performance.

Aesthetic Integration with the Environment

Incorporating pigmentation during the lamination phase and concluding with a final painting, our modular covers seamlessly blend with their surroundings, offering an aesthetic that is harmonious with the environment.

This thoughtful consideration of aesthetics reflects our commitment to not only functional excellence but also to the visual integration of our solutions within diverse installation sites, promoting environmental coherence and visual harmony.

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Variety and Customisation

TECNIUM provides a broad spectrum of modular covers including rectangular, circular, domed, and flat options to cater to the diverse needs of wastewater treatment facilities. Beyond our wide range, we offer the flexibility of customised solutions, enabling the creation of covers that are tailor-made according to the specific requirements and constraints of each client. This adaptability ensures that every installation is optimally served with a solution that aligns perfectly with its unique needs.

High-Quality Fabric Covers

Our fabric covers are manufactured using high-resistance canvas, making them suitable for various applications such as sand removal, pumping wells, coarse and sludge tanks. The high-quality materials employed in the construction of these covers guarantee lasting performance and resilience against environmental elements, offering reliable protection across different applications within wastewater treatment plants.

By integrating advanced technology, sophisticated design, and environmentally considerate aesthetics, TECNIUM’s modular covers stand out as a leading choice for wastewater treatment plants seeking efficiency, durability, and operational convenience.


We manufacture covers in different sizes and made-to-measure

  • Rectangular Covers (36 x 60 m) and Circular Covers (d=36 m): Suitable for wastewater treatment plants, available in dome and flat structures.

  • Modular Cover with Intermediate Bridge: Designed for thickeners, supported on the side of the intermediate bridge, completed with a gas collection system and subsequent deodorization by chemical way.

  • Dome-Type Cover: Constructed based on assembled modules properly stiffened, forming a fully self-supporting module.

  • Rectangular Covers: Ideal for biofilters, manholes, and Archimedean screws.

  • Flat Canvas Covers: High-strength canvas covers manufactured for grit chambers, pump wells, coarse and sludge.


TECNIUM’s FRP modular covers stand as a beacon of resilience, durability, and efficiency, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of wastewater treatment plants. The variety and adaptability of our covers ensure optimal protection and longevity in various aggressive environments, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and environmental protection in wastewater treatment processes.